The Dome

The dome is an integral part of R2D2. It defines who R2D2 is. Inside his dome contains all the lights and mechanics for making the dome rotate. Building a dome can be very hard since it has many pieces and is not perfectly round. Some choose to have one made of aluminum on a parts run and others choose to have it built from a styrene mold. The dome can be very costly with all the parts needed to complete the dome and to make it shine. This is the best place to find anything you want about the dome!

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  1. Hello, my name is Angelo, I’m from Brazil and I’m setting up an R2D2 at a time making the steps one by one, I’ve set up the sena structure in naval bound and I’m montano the external parts fronte vent upper and lower, coin return, power Coupng among others, I saw your post and I’m trying to mount the holoprojetor that you posted, but I’m having difficulties in the measurements and in Brazil some things you can not find and have to improvise, can you help me by providing the external and internal measurements of the holoprojetor already help me Enough, I have downloaded the club r2d2, but I had many doubts. Thank you for your help.

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