Scratch Build Large Data Port From Wood

Large Data Port

For everyones viewing pleasure.  This is how I made my wood LDP.  keep in mind it is not sanded or painted yet, hopefully it is the correct size!

I started with making a jig to create the bevel on the LDP.

Beveled Block
Bevel block for jig.

I routed out the front and back radius on the top and bottom parts of the LDP using separate pieces of wood.

LDP Radius
Cutting LDP Radius

After that, the jig was used to create the bevel.  I did not hurt myself!

Bevel Jig
Bevel Jig
Bevel of LDP
Cutting the Bevel of the LDP

Once the bevel was finished, I routed out the rest to make everything the proper dimensions and than, used the top bearing bit to seperate the pieces from its original wooden plank.

Rout underside
Rout out underside of part
Separate pieces
Separate pieces with top bearing bit


I used the remaining wood to make the sides, by cutting a small cube per the dimensions of the plans and than cutting two side pieces from the cube.

Cube for Sides
Cube for sides

Now it just needs sanding, painting, holes drilled on the bottom piece and assembled.

Large Data Port
Large Data Port

Cutting the Slot for the Large Data Port in the Senna Frame

Here is how I cut out the slot for the Large Data Port in the Senna Wood Frame.  It is fairly simple to do.  Mark approximately where you need to make the cuts for the LDP.  Once marked, turn your router on and slowly cut away.  It will not take long and is very easy to do.  Remember to never glue your frame up until you have all internal parts for the body and they are tested for a proper fit.