Cutting the Slot for the Large Data Port in the Senna Frame

Here is how I cut out the slot for the Large Data Port in the Senna Wood Frame.  It is fairly simple to do.  Mark approximately where you need to make the cuts for the LDP.  Once marked, turn your router on and slowly cut away.  It will not take long and is very easy to do.  Remember to never glue your frame up until you have all internal parts for the body and they are tested for a proper fit.

What the R2D2 Senna Frame Uprights Look Like

Here are the uprights from the R2D2 Senna Wood Frame.  In this picture, they are marked to show what rings will go where.

Frame Uprights
Frame Uprights from the side

Here they are again, stacked up. I made one long template from some 1/2″ MDF and used that to make all the others so all slots lined up perfectly.l

Stacked uprights
Stacked uprights

The R2D2 Wood Senna Frame Part III

The next video is basically the same as the other, except I am cutting out the base plates and sections for the body detail

Its a good idea to mark what side is the top.

Template marked TOP
Top frame template marked TOP

Use the double sided tape to attach and route out.

Top plate template
Top plate template with doublesided tape

The rest is as before.  Set your depths with the router as described in the previous post. Route out and check the fit with the Side Plates and Uprights.