The R2D2 Wood Frame Templates

For this video, I made the templates out of MDF, however, it is better to make them out of at least 3/4″ plywood, if you plan to make another frame.  It would come in very handy.

The plans for this can be found in the  blueprints section of I used the MHENKS plans and downloaded everything.  Even the CNC stuff since it contained instructions. Start out by tracing your lines on the MDF.  I suggest using the middle ring as a constant guide.  After doing this video, I discovered some easier ways which would be to use the middle ring for a majority of template creation as it is easier to make every piece identical off of the middle ring with the exception of the length of the slots.

Get a good center point and find the zero angles first based on the Plans.

Find Angles with a Protractor.


Draw out the other detail with your ruler.

Base plate
Marking the Top and Base plate.

The uprights should be created off of the long  upright with the most slots in it and the upright with only two slots.  My video is how I first made them, but it is easier with this method described.  This is why MDF is suggested since it is cheap and a good way to learn.

Marking uprights
Marking the uprights.

I used a compass to locate the postions of the end of the slots.  A dado blade can also be used, but be sure to follow the plans.

Radius cut
Radius cut for the slots.

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  1. I’ve been looking for years to find a copy of the blue prints of r2d2 so I can build one.ihave tried every where but know in the UK so know one can get them here
    I would love to build one
    Can you help me please

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