Researching the lights

Researching the lights can be confusing at times especially when learning the names and what they do. Once you have that figured out, you need to research how to build them and that is when things get a bit scary, especially if you are electronically illiterate. Don’t let it scare you! Once you get pointed in the right direction, it gets easier. A good place to start is the Droid Wiki parts terminology page.

The Dome Arrives

300mm Dome

My 300mm Aluminum Dome came in the mail and it is sweet!

It looks like a lot of work. It will have to be sanded down and polished and I am sure this will take a lot of time to do. Knowing me, I will probably jump between tasks. It will need to be deburred and have the pie panels cut out. The dome lights will have to be made and put it. This is going to be fun.