Arduino Micro Controller for the Lights


The Arduino can be used for many things when It comes to R2.  The lights is a good reason to use one, as it makes them flash and do all sorts of interesting things.  I have the Arduino Pro Mini and it only cost about $10.  This is extremely inexpensive for something that does so much for our little droid.

Arduino and FTDI Breakout

You will see above is the Arduino Pro Mini and attached to that in red is the FTDI Break out, used for uploading a sketch to  the Arduino.  The sketch controls the lights and what they do.

Soldering the Arduino to the RFL on a Teeces V3.2

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The lighting system works off of the Arduino Pro Mini from and can be found HERE To get this to work, it needs to have a 5pin header soldered to it and then soldered to the PCB of the RFL. Once, the header is soldered, it would be a good idea to program a sketch into the Pro Mini. We need an FTDI, Mini USB programing cable, a driver for the FTDI, and the Arduino Program Software.