Painting Wood Logic Displays to Look Like Real Aluminum

Painted Logic Surround

R2’s Logic Display Surrounds are supposed to be made of metal. What are you supposed to do if yours are made of wood? The answer is simple. Take aluminum paint and fine grit sandpaper or a dremel, then paint, sand, and repeat this process until you see no grain in the wood. Since wood shows grain, the goal is to paint and sand once the paint is dry. The sanding is a light coat to attempt and sand off high spots in the grain of the wood. This process is constantly repeated over and over until the grain can no longer be seen or until you like the look of the “metal”.

Testor’s paint is the first thing I used and wet/dry sandpaper. Keep the sandpaper wet.

Painting the Panels Blue

Painting the panels will bring your R2D2 dome to life. This three coat system gives them a grade shade of dark blue. I painted all panels with a purple lacquer paint from testors.
I did a couple of coats but perhaps one light coat may work better. I would have to build another dome to find out.

One Coat Lacquer

I waited 15 minutes and painted on a wet coat of Blue anodized duplicor that I got from the autoparts store. I painted two coats of this 15 minutes apart. You can tell it really turned the purple into blue.


After the two coats of duplicolor was applied, three coats of Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel was applied 15 minutes apart. This really brings out the blue in the panels and makes them shine.

Crystal Clear Coat