R2D2 Dome Hardware Scratch Build Mounting Brackets

Mounting all the hardware into the R2D2 dome is always a challenge. If making them yourself, here is one method. I used sheet metal with bending tools and a dremel.

Here is an example of the mounts I made to secure parts for the dome.  I cut strips of sheet metal, drilled a small hole on one end and made a slot in the other.  The sheet metal is than bent into an “L” shape with the hole being on the shorter side.  I made screw holes in the PSI’s and threaded a bolt through the back side.  These will eventually be mounted to captive studs in the dome.

PSI Mounts
PSI mounts

For my holoprojector, I cut a hole big enough to fit the PVC tube made for the Holoprojector. I measured carefully and bent the metal into a half rectangle with “L”‘s on the ends for mounting.

Static Holoprojector Mount
Static Holoprojector mount

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